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Private Investigator in Brisbane. We are licensed, discreet, investigators. Ex-police and experienced operatives.

Private investigations are generally conducted in three areas, being surveillance, factual investigation or a background check
Surveillance is the art of seeing without being seen, and recording your obeservations. Generally a surveillance operative will record observations in a surveillance journal and record footage, or take stills, to support these observations. The art of conducting surveillance requires certain knowledge and skills in framing. The surveillance operative must aware of what you should record, and where, to be legally admissable as evidence. Surveillance may either support or disprove a suspicion or claim, it may be used for intelligence gathering.
Our private investigators also conduct factual investigations. This is basically investigating, gathering evidence and taking affidavits. The evidence may take the form of photographs or video footage, or the preserving of documents. This often relates to insurance claims, or civil action against a business.  For such matters the early gathering of evidence is crucial.
Investigating a background can be complex. You cannot obtain a persons full criminal history without their permission. So you must be more circumspect. There are a number of indices available to search for residential history, unfortunately few provide a current history. Each group of investigators has their own systems which may mean that the results vary between searches, with one more succesful one time, and another more succesful the next.
No private investigator should ever promise or guarantee a result before the task has been completed; if they do something is wrong.  We will state what we can and cannot do, we need to know your objective so we can adjust our investigation to suite.
Workcover investigation is another area where we are contracted to investigate. Generally an investigation is conducted to confirm or deny a claimed restriction (Workcover surveillance) or to confirm the facts surrounding a event which led to an injury. There are some fraudulent claims.
Fraud and theft by employees is also a common cause for investigation. When you need to hire a Brisbane private investigator call us for a free quote.